Oxford House Research Ltd is a UK-based company with an American, charitable 501(c)3 affiliate.

Oxford House's mission is to ensure that the complex cultural, ethical and religious dimensions of contemporary geopolitics are fully integrated in academic analysis and institutional decision-making. Oxford House offers a consultancy service to institutions world-wide to develop academic excellence and practical engagement with the wide range of issues that come within the scope of its work.

Founded in 2009 - in light of 9/11 and prolonged conflict in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, sub-Saharan and North Africa, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world, where culture and religion shape political decisions, military action, and ethical conclusions - Oxford House networks experts world-wide to ensure its analysis is cutting-edge, its approach constructive, and its proposals clear.

In its consultancy work, Oxford House aims to cross-fertilise specialist perspectives and to encourage a civil, creative quest for the "common good". Working behind the scenes in complex environments Oxford House promotes peace by honouring patience, integrity, humility, and cultural diversity.

Oxford House circulates to individual and corporate Members its "OH News" and "Oxford House Papers" on key contemporary issues. Oxford House also facilitates international dialogue and hosts seminars in the UK and world-wide.